I sure do, friendly anon. Hushmush is the name. :)

Cockiness is Welcome.

  • I like when Anons get cocky with me.
  • or anyone that is cocky, I find it:
  • refreshing.

Alright day

One anon friend
Feelin’ kinda successful

I feel ya. I am kinda dating someone. but friends for now?

They are also on tumblr too so they are snooping on here reading all this so if they wanted to say something they would..


That is my forte.

and awkwardness, but that comes later, after you already think I am cute and then, BAM!

Hits you like a ton of bricks(or dicks, whichever you prefer.)

Why can’t you just be straight forward and say who you are, anon?



You are one cocky anon.

Alright, so if you will never “play games in that way” with me, what is a way you will play games with me?

Well anon,

let’s play a game…

It is your move now.